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03 September 2016

Your comments

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including a few of the "Oh Boy!" guest artists!


"Really Really liked the site"

Kevin Smith, UK, 12 Sept. 2002

"It's been great reading all that 'Oh Boy!' material..excellent..I have been a fan since day one and am so pleased that this site serves as a record of those great days"

Adrian, UK, 15 Sept. 2002

"Quite impressive; certainly something to be proud of, an extraordinary job"

Ray Baisden, UK, 10 Oct. 2002

"I just wanted to let you know how much pleasure your web site has given me today"

Chris Hills, UK, 12 Oct. 2002

"I think you've done a fabulous job!"

Ruth Page, NJ. USA, 13 Oct. 2002

"Just seen your amazing website while browsing"

Royston Ellis, Sri Lanka, 18 Oct. 2002

"Having visited your site for the first time I must commend you on your efforts"

Vince Eager, UK 3 Nov. 2002

"Great site with lots of very interesting news. Hopefully one day a best of "Oh Boy!" DVD/Video release may surface, which will give all us fans of great music the opportunity to re,live or in my case see for the first time these great performances, I'm a big Billy Fury fan!"

Rob Savage, UK, 20 Nov. 2002

"Thanks a lot for putting up a web site with fascinating information about the most important tv show in UK rock n roll history"

Nigel Ramsbottom, 2 Dec. 2002

"Great Web Site .... keep up the good work!"

Chris Wharton, 6 Jan. 2003

"Your site is very informative and interesting"

Catherine Spratt, UK, 8 Jan 2003

"This is a tremendous site, well done"

James Clabby, UK, 13 Jan. 2003

"Love the Oh Boy website!"

JBR, USA, 15 Jan. 2003

"I have looked at your web page and think that it is really super. The web site brought back some great memories"

Stan Edwards, UK, 15 Jan 2003

"Great site, I've just spent hours, and I do mean hours, surfing though"

Brian Blackman, Germany, 23 Jan. 2003

"A superb site, that I just found by accident. I read it all. Thanks so much. I shall certainly come back to it"

Dave, UK, 30 Jan. 2003

"Thank you for a great site that gives us a window on those early days of UK Rock 'N' Roll"

Will, UK, 6 Feb. 2003

"Great site"

David Ball (Son of Vernon Girl Dorothy Parkin), UK, 26 Feb. 2003

"I think you've done a wonderful job"

Cherry Wainer, USA, 28 Feb. 2003

"Enjoyed the web site very much, keep up the good work!!"

Grace Taylor (Wife of singer Neville), UK, 1 Mch. 2003

"What a fantastic site you have built! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it and know I shall return many times in the future."

Geoff Leonard, UK, 3 April 2003

"Keep up the good work keeping Oh Boy alive and kicking."

Rockin' Lord Geoff, UK, 26 April 2003

"I have to say your site is fantastic."

Geoff Mitcham, UK, 5 May 2003

"Yes, I love the website and have added it to my favorites."

Tom, UK, 5 May 2003

And this must be the quote of the century:

"Cliff is beyond too cool!!"

Hitoshi Takeyama, Japan, 22 May 2003

"There are two words to describe your site, "Totally brilliant". Keep up the great work ."

Ian Levene, UK, 26 May 2003

"What a great website. Only found it today!"

Peter Harrison, UK, 5 June 2003

"I just checked out your "Oh Boy!" website, it's terrific! I was born in March 1959 so I was particularly interested in who was appearing on the show in those weeks. Good luck in your campaign to find and preserve the TV show tapes."

Andrew Lewis, USA, July 2003

Your site is magnificent – I can’t believe that so much information on OH BOY! is to be found in one place.

Andy Taft UK, 18 August 2003

Thanks for an excellent web site.

Dave, UK, 13 October 2003

I've just surfed around the site for the 3rd or 4th time and keep finding something of interest.

Tom Murray, UK, 8 January 2004

Just found your web site today...............Outstanding........If only all website were so well researched and presented. Please keep the updates coming!

Big Chris, UK, 6 February 2004

I just want to congratulate you on a job well done.. This site is bloody brilliant.

Mike Cookson, UK, 7 February 2004

Thank you very much for your wonderful Oh Boy! website.

Norma Coates, USA, 9 February 2004

First off, massive thanks for your incredible Oh Boy! website, from Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada, from an "ex-pat" from Birmingham, England and a Manitoban from Winnipeg.

Sam & Leila Reynolds, Canada, 20 February 2004


Alan Woods, UK, 22 February 2004

I enjoyed the site, thanks on every visitors' behalf for putting so much time and effort in.

Lud Romano, UK, 10 March 2004

Hi,just like to say I like your site, my father –Tony Sheridan, was one of the original performers on "Oh Boy!",and its nice to see it on the web.

Tony Sheridan jnr. UK 12 March 2004

I was looking a the site today for 'Oh Boy' and was delighted to see my dad, Bill Forbes, on there.

Dena Forbes, UK, 17 March 2004

Just found your web brilliant so well researched. I've been trying to find out the personnel other than the much publiced Benny Green in L/R's XI, for years. Pleased to see the photos of Eric Ford, unsung hero of early British R & R.

Steve Peters, UK, 19 April 2004

Wow what a fantastic site--congrats. I found your site a while ago and of course i have directed other cats to it.

Ian Levene, UK, 23 April 2004

I've been visiting your website as part of research for a radio show which I'm presenting for a college radio RSL Congratulations on a great site.

Les Eastham, UK, 30 April 2004

I came across your website whilst looking for archive material regarding the Hackney Empire....thanks for an excellent website!

Hadrian Garrard, UK, 10 June 2004

Just 'discovered' your Oh Boy website which is brilliantly designed and informative.

Catreena Brookes, UK, 1 July 2002

It's so good to see a website about "Oh Boy!". Thanks for all your hard work. As teenagers in the fifties, we were pretty much starved of television programmes that showed rock 'n roll.

Judith Kelly, UK, 10 August 2004

I have just spent time reliving my childhood and teens looking at your website.

Pat Haggar, UK, 10 August 2004

A fortunate twist of fate ensured that we stumbled upon your terrific "Oh Boy" site.

Tony Sheridan, Germany, 4 November 2004

You have put together a wonderful site which must rank as one of the most informative and dedicated one's on the web whether relating to this or any other subject.

James Butterick, UK, 29 December 2004

Thanks for a great website! I used to watch 'Oh boy!' religiously every week, as a 10 year old back in '58

James Neale, 11 January 2005

Oh boy what a delight to find your web site and remember my youth. Long may you reign!

Bobbie Turner, UK, 29 January 2005

A great website that took me back to the highlight of my saturdays at that time. I later saw lots of the artists on stage but your website reminded me of some I had forgotten. A great website about a great TV show. Well done.

Roger Webster, UK, 29 January 2005

Have just been introduced to your website! What a great find, and how the memories flooded back. I watched every one of those Oh Boy! Saturday night shows. Hard to believe it was 45 years ago! Thanx so much for a wonderful time down memory lane.

Anne Parker Michigan, USA

Just a few lines to let you know that I like your site very much...it has a lot of information and pictures.

Sue Bailey, UK, 3 March 2005

Don't know the date but Cliff DEFINITELY sang "One NIght" the Elvis hit on Oh Boy. I ACTUALLY saw Cliff sing it BEFORE I heard the Elvis "version"

Bren Birkett, UK, still a Cliff fan!

WONDERFUL to see all the pictures and everything, and a big THANK YOU for it, such a pleasure to view and read about.

Cathy Cave, UK, 27 March 2005

Just a quick line to compliment you on a spectacular web site. I chanced upon it whilst cruising around looking for British rock'n'roll items.

Oska Roond, 1 September 2005



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