Betty Miller

A petite blonde bombshell, Betty started off as a vocalist with the Sid Phillips Band and stayed with him for about two years.

In 1955 her solo career began with an appearance in the touring review Something To Shout About and cabaret at the Embassy Club in London.

She first came to the attention of the British public after successful appearances at Claridges Cafe de Paris.

On the 13th of June 1955 she made her television debut on Showcase. Married to drummer Martin Aston she often appeared in variety with her own rhythm group.

With the rise in popularity of Rock'n'Roll in the late 50s, Betty was much in demand for package shows, often in those headed by Art Baxter and his Rocking Sinners.

Betty went on to appear in 2 musicals in Durban, South Africa and then toured in the USA. During the mid 1960s Betty went to Wiesbaden and married Max Stiefel who was a Major in the US Military.

Her first record releases were on the HMV label, then Pye Nixa and 2 releases on Top Rank in 1959 - "It Took One Kiss" and "Jack o Diamonds" (JAR 127).

She was variously described as "A cockney nightingale", "Dynamic songstress" and "A baby atomic bomb".

She passed away in California some time ago.

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