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Friday 20th

The NME reveals that Marty Wilde loses out to Cliff Richard in the starring role in the new film “Expresso Bongo.”:

CLIFF RICHARD has secured a starring role in the screen version of "Expresso Bongo." Cliff edges out Marty Wilde, who was also considered for the leading part of Bongo Herbert. Instead, Marty has a new screen role lined up in another big feature film - "Paradise for Baby."

The screen version of "Expresso Bongo" will greatly differ from the successful stage satire. Producer Val Guest told the NME: "A complete new score is being written and will incorporate only three of the original numbers." Cliff's own famous accompanying group, The Drifters, join him in the film. A number of other big beat personalities, not yet chosen, will also be featured.

Before making a final decision between the two rock singers, producer Guest saw both Cliff's film " Serious Charge," now awaiting release, and rushes of Marty's current picture, "Jetstream," which is still in production. "I chose Cliff because I saw him as the most likely of the two to fit the part," Guest said. "I thought they were both excellent on the screen."

"Expresso Bongo" filming is expected to begin on location in Soho on August 10, followed by interior shooting at Shepperton Studios. No contracts have actually been signed yet, but Peter Sellers and Diane Cilento are expected to co-star with Cliff.

Marty Wilde is to star in "Paradise for Baby" for Hughie Green Productions. Shooting is set to begin on June 1. This film is about rival dance halls and has been under discussion for many months. Now both terms and script have been approved by Marty's agent, Larry Parnes. Tomorrow (Saturday) a final script conference is to be held. It is expected that other top name signings will be announced next week.

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