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Regrettably, as is the case for many other pop shows of era, the majority of episodes are missing, believed wiped or destroyed.

The latest information is that just three shows have survived, plus a few clips from various others.

Existing shows are:

  • Saturday 21st December 1963;
  • Saturday 14th May 1966;
  • Saturday 25th June 1966.

In addition to the above complete shows, the following clips are known or believed to have survived:

  • The Redcaps - Talkin' Bout You (from 4/1/64);
  • Gregory Phillips - Everybody Knows (from 11/1/64);
  • Eden Kane - Boys Cry (from 4/1/64);
  • Doug Sheldon - Mickey's Monkey (from 28/12/63);
  • Kathy Kirby - Secret Love (from 11/1/64);
  • The Merseybeats - I Think Of You (from 4/1/64);
  • Dave Clark 5 - Bits & Pieces (from 15/2/64);
  • Dave Clark 5 - All Of The Time (from 15/2/64);
  • The Beatles - Money (from 26/10/63) (filmed 20/10/63);
  • The Beatles - Rock and Roll Music and I Feel Fine (from 21/11/64).

In addition to the above there is also a top quality film (with audio) title sequence used in 1965, featuring a Pin Table in play complete with images of The Beatles and the TYLS logo.

If more information comes to light the page will be updated, and any updates visitors to this website can provide would be most welcome.


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