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Geoff Leonard

Geoff Leonard was born in Bristol. He spent much of his working career in banking but became an independent record producer in the early nineties, specialising in the works of John Barry and British TV theme compilations.

He also wrote line notes for many soundtrack albums, including those by John Barry, Roy Budd, Ron Grainer, Maurice Jarre and Johnny Harris, plus a particularly excellent one for an Adam Faith double CD, which was praised by The Daily Mail!

Geoff has also writing a book about The John Barry Seven: "Hit and Miss: The Story of The John Barry Seven". This book is be the third he has co-written with Pete Walker; their previous efforts being two biographies of John Barry.

Geoff joined the Internet Movie Data-base ( as a data-manager in 2001 and looked after biographies, composers and the music-department, amongst other tasks. Geoff retired after nine years loyal service in order to continue writing. Geoff has been running the John Barry website since June 18, 2001, and the same combination are also responsible for websites dedicated to Adam Faith, Ron Grainer, Robert Farnon & Matt Monro.

Geoff has never learned to drive but is keen on photography and watching sport, especially Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, where he is a life member. He is fond of wildlife and is a member of the Slimbridge Wetland Centre and Bristol Zoo.

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