Terry Dene

Born Terence Williams on 20th December 1938 in south London, Terry was one of the many early UK rock and rollers that sang at London's 2 'I's Coffee Bar. This was the same venue that helped launch the early musical careers of Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith and many others.

Dene was convinced that he could sing as well as the American stars and was noticed by Jack Good and so got the opportunity to record with Decca and to find a weekly spot on the BBC's Six-Five Special and other Jack Good productions.

His early releases were moderately successful but Terry fell foul of the press following a drunken incident which led to his arrest.

He appeared in the film The Golden Disc and in early 1958 the already mentally stressed singer was called up for National Service but because of his emotional state he was discharged after a few days.

The press, who had covered his first day in the army in great detail, turned on him and his chart career ceased at that point. He made a couple more records and appeared on BBC's Drumbeat, accompanied by The John Barry Seven, but his mental health continued to cause problems.

After recovering from a nervous breakdown that followed the end of his professional music career, Terry turned to religion during the 70s singing gospel music.

Despite the adverse publicity of his early career, the artist eventually became accepted by fans as one of Britain's early Rock'n'Roll pioneers.

He now appears at nostalgia and revivalist concerts.

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