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Facts & Figures

The ultimate accolade paid to 'Oh Boy!' was when the 'King' himself, Elvis Presley, declared that he was a fan of the series! The revelation was made back in 1959 when the Vernons Girls manager and agent Stanley Barnett visited Germany on a promotional trip and met Elvis while he was doing National Service there. Elvis said to Barnett that he had enjoyed that “great new British rock'n'roll TV show” and in typical Presley fashion went on to make a comment “you got some real cute babes in that show!” Barnett apparently spontaneously retorted in great excitement that it would be wonderful to have him come over and make a guest appearance. Elvis sadly replied that he was working for 'Uncle Sam' and so couldn’t make any plans for the foreseeable future.

The story was recently related to me by ex Vernons Girl Barbara Mitchell known as spokeswoman for the group. “We were busy rehearsing one day at the 'Four Provinces’ Club' in Canonbury Lane when Stanley came in having just returned from his German trip. He called us all over to tell us that Elvis had seen the show and how he raved about it….especially us girls! We were all so excited we just squealed with delight. Just the thought that Elvis had seen and liked us. We couldn’t concentrate on our work for the rest of the day because we were all on cloud nine!”

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