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Group photos

[Back row, left to right: The Vernons Girls, Neville Taylor &
The Cutters (green suits), and Lord Rockingham's XI,
Front centre: Vince Eager with The Dallas Boys (light blue suits)]

[THE MOTHER OF ALL GROUPS! Back row, left to right: Marty's mother, Alma's mother, Alma Cogan, Mike's mother and Cliff's mother. Front row: Marty Wilde, Mike Preston and Cliff Richard. (Sat. May 2nd 1959)]

[Nice shot of all the regulars together - but from what edition is anybody's guess!]

[Marty Wilde, Vince Eager, Cliff Richard, Harry Robinson and Cherry Wainer
with the Vernons Girls and The Dallas Boys in the background - 7 March 1959]

Left to right, back row, 2 of the Dallas Boys, Bill Forbes, Peter Elliot, Marty Wilde,
Don Storer, Cliff Richard, Mike Preston, Billy Fury, Cuddly Dudley, Red Price;
Left to right, front row, the other 3 Dallas Boys, Cherry Wainer, Lorie Mann, Dickie Pride, Don Lang, Neville Taylor, one of the Cutters.]

Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde & Dickie Pride
captured singing '3 Cool Cats']

["Here's to fame and fortune" could be what this couple of very famous lads are saying!
Cliff and Marty drink a toast to their success.]

[Cherry Wainer chatting with Cliff Richard backstage and in "Oh Boy!"dressing room]

After "Oh Boy!" finished its run in May 1959, Cliff and Cherry maintained their close friendship. As Cliff 's career blossomed and he was offered his own TV specials for Lew Grade's ATV network during 1960-61 he invited Cherry to guest star on two of his shows.

On Cliff's Saturday Spectacular broadcast on 30th July 1960 (his third that year!) he dueted with Cherry on a song tentatively titled "Do You Remember When We Worked On That TV Show?" which was a number specially written as a tribute to the "Oh Boy!" series.

She and Don Lang then join The Shadows to back Cliff on a raucous version of "Love".... the fast paced rocker featured in the film "Expresso Bongo" which at that time was Cliff's latest film feature having been released 6 months previously in January 1960.

The song's instrumental break features a drum solo where Cliff, Cherry and Don all unite centre stage to 'bash the bongos' simultaneously!

Cherry was also invited back for the very last show of Cliff's 6-part 1961 series broadcast on Thursday, 23rd March 1961. She plays an instrumental introduction to the Little Richard classic "Lucille" and then joins Cliff in a duet of the song.

[Cliff Richard meets Tony Sheridan] sometime around March 1959 -
although they never actually appeared together on the same "Oh Boy!" show!]


L-R: Brian Bennet, Brian Locking, Vince Taylor, Tony Harvey & Tony Sheridan]

 [A shot taken from the balcony of guest star BILL FORBES on the "Oh Boy!" TV show .
The vocal backing is provided by regulars The Vernons Girls, The Dallas Boys and Neville Taylor and The Cutters]


[A beautifully clear shot of the high-kicking Dallas Boys in front of the Vernons Girls]


[In the foreground are 2 of the Lord Rockingham's XI sax players Conway Twitty with (top left) The Vernons Girls and 3 photos of Conway with the lovely Lorie Mann]

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