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Friday 16th

Two artists - dynamic Cliff Richard and lanky Marty Wilde  -suffered from too much applause! There were times when their singing was drowned by continual screaming and shouting from the fans, but both conjured up an exciting, electrifying atmosphere. Young Cliff all but raised the roof with the inevitable "Move It," slowed down the pace for "One Night," and finally whipped the audience into a near-frenzy again with "High Class Baby." Backed by The Drifters, he writhed and wriggled inside his pink jacket and black trousers in the best Elvis tradition.

Marty was accorded a tumultuous reception for "RockinRobin" but I think the loudest screams were heard during the slow, reflective "Fire Of Love" - one of the mournful, melancholy songs in which he seems to specialise. His up-beat interpretation of the old standard "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" climaxed his vigorous, applause-winning act.

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