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Friday 13th

The NME continues to report on Cliff’s continuing throat troubles:

THE sore throat which forced Cliff Richard to cancel engagements last week continues to give him a great deal of discomfort. While completing his first Columbia LP on Monday and Tuesday this week, he experienced difficulty with his throat, resulting in medical treatment.

On Wednesday morning when about to embark on a five-day concert tour, he was almost speechless. A doctor's further visit was necessary. Cliff was warned not to attempt to sing for two weeks, and that complete rest was necessary, if possible in the South of France.

Cliff, however, refused to disappoint his Northern fans. Throughout a motor journey to Hull on Wednesday he treated his throat as medically prescribed, but on arrival at the theatre, his condition had not improved.

Under the circumstances he bravely undertook both performances by contributing everything he could to the shows, but singing was physically impossible.
The crowds cheered and mobbed him and admired his courage.

When promoter Arthur Howes telephoned Cliff's manager, Tito Burns, in London, regarding the remainder of this week's tour, he requested that Cliff be allowed to continue even if his voice did not return. Howes felt audiences would prefer to see Cliff rather than be disappointed with a substitute or cancellation of any concerts.

Accordingly, Cliff remains with the package show, promising to sing if his throat condition improves.

Tito Burns said promoter John Smith, who presents Cliff Richard next week, would have the chance of cancelling his bookings or accepting him on the conditions that no guarantee could be given of his ability to sing.

NME reveals a dispute has arisen in the “Oh Boy!" camp over ownership of the 'Lord Rockingham' name:

A BOMBSHELL was dropped by the "Oh Boy!" musical director-arranger Harry Robinson this week, when he consulted solicitors concerning the use of the now-famous name Lord Rockingham, today one of the leading recording and TV attractions.

The NME understands that Harry Robinson considers he is entitled to financial benefits derived from the use of the Lord Rockingham name on the grounds that he conducts the orchestra for TV and records, created the musical sound which made this a best-selling disc outfit, and writes many of the arrangements associated with the XI.
We are informed that Robinson consulted legal advisers after an advertisement appeared in the last issue of the MNE in which Jack Good announced he was the sole originator and proprietor of Lord Rockingham's XI, with the entire goodwill of the name vested solely in him.

Robinson's attitude causes great surprise to Edward Sommerfield, chief of the management office representing producer Jack Good and Lord Rockingham's XI, who told the NME: "From the outset, the name was created by Jack Good who is responsible for the recording and TV contracts on behalf of the band.

The whole idea was pioneered by him. After formulating the sound he required, he engaged Harry Robinson and conveyed to him the musical treatment required.
There was never any question of Robinson having the rights to the Lord Rockingham name, which remains Jack Good's exclusive property. But Robinson's composing royalties from the XI's disc sales amounts to several thousand pounds."

Asked to make a statement on the situation, Harry Robinson replied "I am very sorry but there is nothing which can be said by me at this stage."

His present contract with with the weekly "Oh Boy!" TV presentation ends next month but although the series has been extended until the end of May, no decision has been reached for Robinson to continue after next month, which is subject to the outcome of this dispute.

Meanwhile, under Decca's auspices next week, Harry Robinson waxes the first album under his own name - comprising a collection of Latin-American tunes.
Previous negotiations for Lord Rockingham's XI to be featured in the Max Bygraves London Palladium revue from June to December, have not materialised.

NME reveals that Alma Cogan is booked to appear on “Oh Boy!":

ALMA COGAN makes her debut in ABC-TV's "Oh Boy!" tomorrow. She was flying back from France yesterday (Thursday) to start rehearsals with producer Jack Good the same day.

She'll sing her record hit "Last Night On The Back Porch" and is also expected to do duets with Marty Wilde and Don Lang.

Last Saturday, Cliff Richard was absent due to illness. His routines were taken over by Bill Forbes.

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