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Wednesday 11th

Cliff loses his voice again after recording for his debut album “Cliff” on Monday and Tuesday. This morning, about to embark on a five day concert tour, he was speechless. A doctor was called who warned Cliff not to sing for two weeks and a holiday break was advisable.

Cliff however refused to disappoint his northern fans. Throughout a 200 mile motor journey from London to the Cecil Theatre in Hull he treated his throat as medically prescribed, but on arrival at the theatre his condition had not improved.

He bravely undertook both performances but singing was physically impossible. Fellow “Oh Boy!” star Bill Forbes agreed to help at short notice and sang all of Cliff’s songs for him offstage while Cliff mimed. The audience still applauded and cheered however at his courage.

To make matters worse both Drifters drummer Tony Meehan and rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch went down with the ‘flu’ after the show. As a result the other four dates on the tour at Wigan, Newcastle and Sheffield were cancelled.

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