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Lonnie Donegan

Born Anthony Donegan on 29th April 1931 in Glasgow, Lonnie Donegan is widely acknowledged as the 'King Of Skiffle'.

Formerly an accomplished banjo player with the Chris Barber jazz band Lonnie set out on his own to play 'Skiffle' music.

With his energy and dazzling skills he was a popular musician with audiences. This, together with his extrovert originality and humour, made him an even more popular recording artist.

A long series of chart successes followed which inspired other competitive groups all over the country.

However, Skiffle ceased almost as abruptly as it had started. After seven years of almost continuous chart presence Lonnie's reign came to an end but then enjoyed new success in the late 1990s with record releases and packed concert tours.

Lonnie, a great showman and pioneer, suffered several heart attacks late in his career and sadly died on 3rd November 2002 whilst on another successful tour.

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